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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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One of the main reasons why potential customers who visit your website will not buy one of your products is because they don’t trust you or they have too many questions. You can resolve both of these issues when you integrate the 123 Live Help Free Joomla Module into your website.

The great thing about the 123 Live Help Free Joomla Module is that you will have a live support ready to take questions and help clients. You will be able to display to users when you are available for online support so that users can know exactly when to contact you.

When using the 123 Live Help Free Joomla Module on your website you will be able to convert potential customers into actual buyers. This software offers you tons of customizable options such as choosing between a variety of skins and much more.

Joomla Live Help module provides an easy solution to integrate123 Live Help with your Joomla website. You could add a123 Live Help in your website instantly, which gurantees operators to offer live support to online users.

Features of the Joomla Live Help Module:

1. Empower your website with a full-featured Live Help

It enables your operator real-time one to one chat with visitors to offer online instant help, and turn potential customers to buyers. 123 Live Help is the first Free Live Help Chat Software With Video Function on non-commercial purpose! The video live support function offers your site a very human experience as the visitors can talk to the staff face to face. While the secure & fast test chat hosting service start at only $5.

2. Display operator status on the page

The Joomla Live Help Module can display operators who are online.

3. Integration and users auto-login

If you just hope the registered users have access to 123 Live Help, you can integrate it with your Joomla! Database seamlessly. Then only users could auto-login for live chat.

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123 Live Help is a free web-based live support software. It enables the e-business websites to offer online instant help to the visitors.

*Secure, fast and affordable

*Live video chat and text chat

*Customizable skins and easy integration

*Real-Time visitor monitoring

*Proactive chat invitation

*Native operator control panel

*Starting at $50

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